our story

Most people in the community know us as the car people. And while we love serving people any way we can, we wanted something different, a different way to serve and connect and value every life that comes through our doors.

Late in the summer of 2017, we decided to go for it. Mike, a coffee fan, and Kellie, a wife with a vision - both of us ready for another adventure and willing to work hard together - began to create something special just for the people of Murray. But it wasn’t that clear cut from the beginning. Before that, we looked around for people to do it for us: to carry out our vision. But that's the thing about a vision. If you have a vision and a passion, you can’t find someone to carry it out for you. It has to be your own. So we went to work.

We started with an empty corner unit in Shaffer Square. It was nothing special, just a rectangle of cinder blocks that had been freshly painted white. Except for one wall that still had layers and layers of chipped paint - which we decided to keep because we’re suckers for a good story. And that wall tells stories all of its own, so we added some lighting to it so it could speak to those who care to stop for a while. We also gave life to old wood that had once been a warehouse in Mayfield, KY - once the center of a . We salvaged it, cleaned it, and brought our coffee shop to life with a feature wall behind the bar - not to mention that our bar is made from the wood, so it serves as a the place where our dreams connect with.... And without the help of family and friends, none of it would have been possible. We’ve been overwhelmed with support, which tells us this dream was actually a part of our community from the very beginning.

We envision a community coming together, a fun place to hang out, and a way to serve more than just a perfect cup of coffee or a steamy good latte. Yeah, that’s part of the fun we have, but we have a bigger vision than that. We want people to leave our coffee shop better than when they came in - to see a good light in what we do so they can remember their own. Because if we do good for others, they can go on to do something good for someone else, and there’s a chance that one good act of service could go on to shape the whole face of our community for the better. And we can’t think of anything more meaningful than that.

Thank you for being a part of our story.